High Street Wars

(Top: ASOS; Skirt: M&S; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Boots: London Rebel; Watch: Michael Kors; Belt: Old; Jacket: Shrimps)

Definitely glad I forced myself into this whole 'wear one item as many ways as you can' thing with this skirt. The Bardot neckline of this top makes it more relaxed (more fitting for when it's warmer; April's heatwave has definitely gone away in time for May).

I'm currently watching Plus Sized Wars, the Channel 4 documentary looking at how the plus sized fashion market is changing as a result of the pioneering achievements of women like Tess Holliday, doing their level best to try and bust some of the stigma around the vast majority of the population (and not just those who are a 14-16). Bloggers such as Danielle and Bethany over in my list on the right run rings around some of us in terms of ingenuity and effort, so it's high time a spotlight was shone on the effort they put into their style and high time that the high street stores waking up their demand were championed for it, in the hope that more will do the same in looking beyond what they think their customer looks like to who is actually buying from them. 

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