Pretty in Pink

(Jacket: Boohoo; Shirt: American Apparel; Belt: old; Skirt and shoes: M&S; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Watch: Michael Kors)

I saw a post from the ladies at new site The Pool showing the various ways that they'd style that M&S suede skirt of the season (the £200 one, not this equally on-trend but less eyewateringly expensive £40 faux-suede number) and it made me dig mine out and make a list of the various ways I could wear it.

The aim was two-fold - actually make me wear a few of the lost items I have in my wardrobe instead of keeping the same palette of denim in rotation (what, it's big for spring! Leave me alone) and show that this skirt is actually more versatile than it looks. I had a whole list of outfits for every day of the week lined up, which were perfect until the temperature headed north of 20 degrees. As a result I had to make a last-minute alteration to the plan and out came this chiffon shirt, an age-old buy from American Apparel back before their ads became so disturbing (I've got it in several colours) was the perfect way to keep cool under my beloved faux-suede jacket.  That's Day One done!

A note on M&S and their role in the fashion landscape...Sarah Vine in her usual capacity of snooty bitch-for-hire wrote a piece (that I had the misfortune of finding while Googling for The Pool's one) complaining about how the skirt represents M&S abandoning its core customer base of her generation, when in actual fact the vast majority of high street M&S stores still cater to the woman who wants a dependable pair of trousers that fit her properly, pretty yet practical underwear and a warm jumper, as well as a sneak peak into the more directional wardrobes of their younger fellow shoppers. I've been to M&S for all these things over the years and by adding this more on-trend string to their bow they've added another base of customers - the fashionista who prioritises longevity. M&S's suede skirt isn't cheap, but it's beautiful, stylish, on-trend and will keep its value for years. Plus, as it's made by one of the most respectable stores on the high street, you know it won't fall to pieces after three wears. Take these dependable leopard-print kitten heels I keep wearing - two years old and I wish I'd bought them in every colour. Comfortable, practical, eternally stylish yet not likely to give me ankle problems. Because when you shop at M&S you're not just buying the trend piece. You're buying the hallmark of quality and comfort. 

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