Sunshine and Shades

(Jacket - Shrimps; Jeans: ASOS; Shoes: M&S; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Sunglasses; Topshop)

Oh spring has most definitely sprung, despite the temperature still lingering around the 'don't turn the heating off just yet' mark. But it's definitely warm enough to crack out the sunglasses, which seem to make every outfit better. You can hide a multitude of sins behind a pair of shades, as I gather from the way they are synonymous with going out in public with a hangover. Well I didn't have one of those and alongside these I also had to carry an umbrella, so interchangeable is spring weather, but even when the umbrella blew inside out on the way to a coffee shop for a Sunday afternoon catchup, behind my shades I remained unflappable. 

Another thing that remains unflappable? This jacket. I hadn't intended to photograph this - bad hair day, Sunday being the day for comfort over style, etc. etc., but on insistence from my stylish coffee buddy I did take a quick few snaps. And considering that the sun chose to came out just as I got home, it actually turned out to be quite a stylish Sunday. 

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