Double Denim

(Jacket, skirt and top: Topshop; Shoes: New Look; Bag; Baia; Watch: Michael Kors; Necklace and ring: Thomas Sabo)
Oh how I've longed for this two-piece (ok it's denim, can we still technically call it a two-piece?) to come out ever since I saw it featured on the outfit page of the ES Magazine (an untapped fashion goldmine in my opinion - one page with one styled look often runs rings around many weekly magazines) and then in shoot after shoot after that. So imagine my delight when it was finally available to buy...and imagine my disappointment when the (in pictures, at least) beautiful golden-brown suede trim was streaked with indigo denim stains. Online sites are notorious for misleading product photography (alongside just being plain uninspiring) and Topshop has time and time again taken the cake, but this was one click further.

But thankfully, one wash later and the stains seem to have lifted - hurrah! Here's to a long summer of double denim (with a dash of suede) - blue and brown are a great combination aren't they?

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