(Jacket: Primark; sleeveless coat: Topshop; Shirt: market stall; Trousers: Cos; Shoes: ASOS: Bag; Marc by Marc Jacobs)

Conflicting jacket/waistcoat/duster coat/whatever you want to call this lengths are tricky to get right, I find. Having tried a few layering experiments I've concluded that the best way to make them work is to stick to similar fabrics/styles, more importantly than colours. This pastel palette with a pop of brights from the waist down is one of my more successful recent looks, I think. 

Also, this long duster coat/jacket/waistcoat from Topshop? Another strong contender for buy of the season. Every store on the high street has their own version (and there's a rather nice navy version in New Look I've got my eye on). Thankfully they don't have it in multiple colours or I'd have several versions of it, but it's pretty much perfect. Lilac is one of those colours that you could feasibly call a neutral thanks to its ability to go with everything, especially when it's pale. And it's got POCKETS. I mean, what more could you ask for?  

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