(Suit and shoes: ASOS; Top: Topshop; Bag: Baia; Ring: YSL)

It's getting to the time of year where we wish we could all just wear pyjamas (the cotton or satin kind that old movie stars wear, not the flannel kind of course), so this was obviously the next best option! It's a light, floaty suit that's both chic and comfortable. Not perfect, of course - could do with an internal tie to keep it from slipping open and ruining the shape (the trouble with silky fabric is the tie belt is slippery too) and the shoes should probably be a little higher of a heel to balance out the proportions of the longer legs - but for warm weather it's damn near close!

Remember when everyone had one of these YSL rings? Most people had them in gold with a big coral stone...but naturally I went with something a little different - this black stone and gunmetal option that looks like I stole it from an alien queen. It's a well-worn item (so much so that the band has moulded to my finger's shape), much like these shoes which I should have bought twice!

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