Adventure Is Out There

(Waistcoat: Topshop; Trousers: ASOS; Shirt: Zara; Jacket: Boohoo; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Watch: Michael Kors; Ring and necklace: Thomas Sabo; Shoes: London Rebel)

Grown-up florals are everywhere at the moment - split between psychedelic and scientific, there's a print for everyone. The matching flared trousers that go with this top will make the wearer look like a walking greenhouse and double as the most fashionable pair of daytime pyjamas as well as attracting plenty of attention from passers-by! While they didn't suit me (you clearly need a penchant for high heels to make sure they don't drag along the ground) it's such a lovely print I can see why you might want to be swathed in it!

So instead I went for wide-legged and green with notes of toffee browns - perfect for late spring and for channeling your inner Wilderness Explorer! There's definitely warmth in the air which means long evenings perfect for enjoying a long, cool evening walk...

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