Caramel and Russet

(Top and trousers: Zara, long-sleeved top: Dorothy Perkins; Jacket: Boohoo; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Shoes: M&S; Watch: Michael Kors)

Don't say I do anything by halves. 'Camel' is apparently the shade of this season and next so I'm getting in early with this caramel-russet suit that I genuinely found by stopping a girl in the street to ask where hers was from. I raced to Zara to track down the set in my size - high-waisted trousers are a) my best friend and b) the only type I can really wear from Zara (and from most high street stores) so home with me they came!

A word to the wise about this two-piece/suit/whatever it's called - the trousers are for standing in only. Well, not strictly true, but yet again when you have a long torso things that look fine when you're stationary misbehave something awful when you move. There's riding up going on, believe me, and as you can see they are not very forgiving. There's a two-size variation between the top and the bottom! But the colour is lovely and the cut is good for me. I'm just hoping they stretch a little more or, more realistically, once I've taken the plunge I'll feel more comfortable on the next outing. Maybe with more relaxed accessories and hair I'll feel better walking about...we'll see the next time!

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