Land Girl

(Jumpsuit and backpack: ASOS; Shirt: Primark; Shoes: Office; Jacket: Boohoo; Watch: Michael Kors)

How many of us have seen an item on a blogger we follow, loved it, bought and realised that, actually, it looked better on that blogger? I present this jumpsuit. Now, 'better' is a relative term hingeing on the fact that said blogger is incredibly petite, whereas on me this baby clings somewhat. Ok, a lot. It makes bits look rounder and with flats it can make legs look shorter. 

But I still love it. Especially with this shirt - it's got a kind of land girl vibe going on mixed in with the '70s one, and despite the extra time required in bathrooms to wiggle in and out of it, it's worth the extra effort. You somehow feel so much more sleek, composed and put together, without the worry of an escaping shirt tuck-in, a hemline sneaking up or a waistband misbehaving in the way waistbands are wont to do. 

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