Miss Strange

(Coat: Zara; Suit: Oasis; Shirt: Zara; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Shoes: New Look: Watch: Michael Kors)

From a happy face to looking like one moody muthafucka - the weather took a turn for the worse and it was a Tuesday when I took these I believe. Everyone has a day of the working week where things just don't sit right with them and for me that day is Tuesday. You've run out of the energy the weekend gave you pretty fast, it's a long way to go until Friday and to top it all off it was raining. Hence the moody pout enhanced by the severe hair, combined with a wild combination of prints thrown together in attempts to counteract the depressing effects of the grey skies. Back to looking like the office oddball. 

It was also dramatic and windy which, as my coat flapped around me, increased the gothic feel of the day. There's a wealth of excellent moody gothic drama to be found on TV at the moment - the return of Penny Dreadful and the weird and wonderful Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (on the BBC, hence the post title) providing a nice darker counterbalance to the warmer weather. What with Hannibal starting this month on Sky we're in for dark times indeed...

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