One Less Problem

(Waistcoat, top and sandals: ASOS; Trousers: Zara; Belt: old; Watch: Michael Kors; Bag: Sophie Hulme)

I did mention that this waistcoat was a lifesaver for crisis-of-confidence-inducing trousers! I tried and failed to find a pair of these in a bigger size in the Zara sale but all but said size (the L) have been snapped up in every store I've tried! Seems like it's not just me who finds them less than fit for modern life (of sitting and moving around). But never mind, lesson learned. And they do help pull this browns and blacks look together so well. 

Speaking of tricky to wear, these ASOS sandals have transformed in just one wear after a little breaking in and some strategically placed plasters on the heel straps! My fix-all solution for uncomfortable shoes goes like this: plasters over the fabric joints that rub; silicon-based gel on your feet before you wear them (the balls in the gel help keep the fabric moving and protect the skin); a roll of Micropore (or microporous) surgical tape in your bag. Problem (almost always) solved! 

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