Stripes and Sandals

(Top: Petit Bateau; Dress: ASOS; Sandals: Mango; Bag: Sophie Hulme)

This is me casting my skeptical eye over the print ads that show lithe Amazionan models bounding around in lace-up gladiator sandals that seem to magically stay up. Let me tell you, I took two steps down the street and the laces on these headed resolutely south. Despite me tying them again, so tightly above my (ahem) very prominent calves that I have grooves in my skin, they STILL slid down. Stylists, bloggers who know and even any Roman gladiators out there - short of stapling them t my skin, how do I get these to stay up? 

But at 20 quid a pop I can't complain too much - my substitute for the heeled Aldo ones I had dreamed about that helpfully have a strip of leather up the back to hold up the laces. Zara seem to have some that are similar. In the meantime...maybe Sellotape. 

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