The Lilac Time

(Jacket and shirt: Primark; Waistcoat: Topshop; Trousers: ASOS; Shoes: New Look; Bag: Michael Kors)

Thanks to special guest star the wind for helping with the cool 'action shot' effects! The rare occasion where the weather actually helps rather than hinders a rapid outfit shoot. I generally have about a five minute window max between 'time to leave' and 'you're going to be late' to get my outfit shots on the balcony outside my room, hence why they're not particularly imaginative. I've figured out a pose, I'll stick with it! 

This is a remixed version of a look with the pink version of this Primark jacket from the end of last month. A muted day weather-wise called for a moodier colour palette and lilac fitted that perfect. The colour of this jacket is tricky - stuck somewhere between blue and purple it often passes for both - so adding some true purple to the mix helped drag it in one direction. 

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