Fields of Gold

(Top and sunglasses: Topshop; Skirt: H&M; Sandals: Mango; Bag: Sophie Hulme)

This is definitely the kind of outfit that Sting was singing about lying in the fields of gold with. Incidentally, it is also a very risky top to wear on a video conference call that crops in quite close on your face and neck and shoulders....oh well, keeps the account interesting! I was too cool and relaxed and bohemian and comfy to care. 

Also, while writing this I was scrolling back through some old photos from when I was about 22, and I posted a comment underneath a photo of myself that I uploaded with the comment 'don't slouch, fatso'. I sometimes have lazy upper body posture, which leads to hunched shoulders, big neck and shoulder muscles so I look like the Hulk, arms squished to my sides so you get those weird bunches of flesh around your armpits. The whole works. But these photos? I'll keep these in case I'm ever tempted to make another comment like that. Sloping perfect postured shoulders, slim sculpted arms. Gym work and a good camera angle and confidence all pays off sometimes. 

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