Flower Garden

(Dress: Topshop; Shoes: ASOS; Jacket: old, random shop on Oxford Street; Belt: old; Bag: Prada; Watch: Michael Kors)

When I went on my mad dash to grab my pair of dungarees I did my usual scan of Topshop (the rapid side-to-side glancing of the seasoned shopper trained to spot a great item at twenty paces) and stopped short in front of this dress. Delicate but dark and moody florals that are more likely to be found in a botany book than painted on a cute teaset? I'm sold. And I realised when I got home that the person I'd first seen the dress on was sold for exactly the same reason....

The forecast for this week is set to be absolutely awful - as in, to be enjoyed in a bikini and Factor 50 on a beach, not appropriate for a 9-to-5 and a commute - so I'll be loosening the laces on the side of this dress and ditching the jacket and hoping I float through the warmth as opposed to float away on a sea of my own perspiration...

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