Pass The Heinz

(Top and shoes: Topshop; Jacket and trousers: Zara; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Watch: Michael Kors; Jewellery: Thomas Sabo)

There's a girl in my office who rotates a colour palette of black or white (with very occasional khaki or navy thrown in) and as a result always looks effortlessly chic. On the day I wore this, we attended a meeting together. She wore all black. What we must have looked like to the prospects I have no idea. Well, I probably looked like the type of person who always demands mustard and ketchup for their burgers. In reality, I hate mustard. 

These trousers are bloody brilliant, despite me having to turn up the hems after just one wear. They have side straps on the waistband so you can pull them as tight as you wish, but loosen them to get them off easily. More high-waisted trousers need this feature. 

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