(Jacket: H&M; Shirt: Zara; Jeans and shoes: Topshop; Belt and bag: ASOS)

Your nan called, she wants her curtains back. Boom, beat you to it! My nan (who I have addressed by her first name my whole life) definitely doesn't have curtains like this, but I thought it was a good comfy yet stylish overall outfit to pop up to Cambridge to visit her. I've acquired (it sounds better than 'bought' but less pretentious than 'curated', which isn't quite you call having an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of Topshop but is near enough) a fair few things on the autumn colours spectrum of late - reds, browns and blacks - so it was definitely a day to wear as much brown as I could. My mum would laugh - she's the one who always used to wear brown. 

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