Double Denim

(Top: Dorothy Perkins; Jacket, jeans and shoes: Topshop; Belt and bag: ASOS; Jewellery: Thomas Sabo; Watch: Michael Kors)

Oh yes. I went there. (In the voice of JD from Scrubs.) Double denim. I've wanted a pale blue denim jacket for a while and finally managed to find this one - from the most unsurprising place on the high street, sure, but with the most inconsistent and weirdly stocked sizes. Of the many gripes women have against the high street, not stocking enough of 'the average sizes' comes pretty low on the list, but considering the presumed higher demand for these sizes it would make sense to add that to said list, right? But never mind - I found it eventually. 

Though, talking of weird sizes, I have no idea what kind of body shape this DP top is cut for. It's loose around my collarbone and shoulders but then I can't even sit up straight without it straining across my (not even sizeable) chest, before billowing out tent-like below it. Who is this cut for??

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