Change of Scene

(Coat: Zara; Top, boots and jeans: Topshop; Belt and hat: ASOS; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Watch: Michael Kors; Jewellery: Thomas Sabo)

Well would ya look at that...that's not the slightly sloping mysterious wooden door and pale brick wall you've come to know! That's right - after six months of trying and waiting and tearing my hair out (metaphorically of course; the thatch on my head is still as unruly as ever) I've finally got a place to call my own (well, at least for the next several decades until the lease is up). I've been officially living here (as in sleeping) for a week now and it feels like longer...getting used to the sounds of the neighbours (who are currently playing some music with too strong a base for a Sunday morning...) and the quietness at night. My previous house was right next to a busy bus stop to it's very strange to swap the soothing sounds of traffic for infrequent noises of planes, the odd wailing siren and the calls of BIRDS. Yep, all those trees mean bad news from surveyors (that's underpinning I'm standing on) but great news for my inner nature-lover. Waking up surrounded by trees, which are only set to get more beautiful as the autumn wears on, is music to my ears. 

Apologies for the photos - I'm working on finding a good spot to take them with decent light and my skills have never been the best. Maybe I'll use my quieter solitary weekends to read up on becoming a better photographer...

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