Coat Tails

(Coat: Zara; Top, skirt and boots: Topshop; Belt: ASOS; Bag: Moss in Camden Passage; Watch: Michael Kors)

The disadvantages of my new home are many: noisy neighbours; stairwells in need of serious TLC; knowing I have to fix all the problems myself and can't call my landlord; the fact it's in the arse-end of nowhere (it's about a fifteen minute walk from Crystal Palace) and that commuting to work was going to be hideous compared to my previous place - a mere 45 minute walk through beautiful Angel. But lo, thankfully despite my lack of research the gods smiled on me and a fast bus that goes straight into the part of town I work stops at the top of my road. It does mean I now need to leave the house at 7.30am every day, however, which will make these photos trickier when it's darker in the mornings and means I often leave the house in more layers than I need by lunchtime. But I've been eyeing up this Zara coat for weeks and eventually took the plunge (along with a few other coats that I'll get out when it gets colder; coat game on the high street is strong this year). It's wool but still light enough for mild early autumn days, mannish but still feminine and, of course, in that desirable, looks-good-on-anyone colour of the season. 

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