Great Skirts and Good Curves

(Skirt and coat: Zara; Shirt and shoes: Topshop; Bag: Vintage; Jewellery: Thomas Sabo; Watch: Michael Kors)

I'd been hovering around these brilliant faux-leather Zara pencil skirts for a while, debating whether it was finally time to leave my dislike of them on principle on the shelf. I finally took the plunge, buoyed by comments from a new personal trainer that I was in good shape despite cutting absolutely nothing out of my weekly food shop and by knowing it would go brilliantly with, well, everything. More formal and feminine than I usually go for - much preferring the YSL-style grown-up androgynous allure of a trouser suit than the obvious femininity of a figure-hugging skirt - but a definite do. Why work so hard in the gym if you're not going to show it off, after all?

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