Simple Dresses and Good Accessories

(Dress: Forever 21; Shirt: Topshop; Boots and bag: ASOS; Watch: Michael Kors; Jewellery: Thomas Sabo and Tessa Metcalfe; Coat: Zara; Faux-fur scarf: New Look)

*borrows phrase from Bethany* hnnnnnnng this dress is SO good. I always shy away from Forever 21 unless I spot something on a mannequin, do a double-take, walk right across the stream of Oxford Street shoppers and make a beeline for it on the racks. That's what happened with this dress. I could probably have risked a size smaller (this is a large - I know, Forever Twentywaif more like) but this way I can cram a wool poloneck underneath it when it gets cold. That side slit though...I love me a simple, easy-to-wear tunic dress that makes me look a bit like I belong in a monastery when worn sans accessories, but can be transformed by what you put with it. The reds and russets in the boots, bag and lipstick elevate it to being so much more than the sum of its, well, part. 

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