Strange Flowers

(Dress, bag and belt: ASOS; Coat: Zara; Shoes: Topshop; Watch: Michael Kors; Ring: Tessa Metcalfe; Pendant: Thomas Sabo)

Now I love this dress. I saw it in ASOS' magazine ages ago and vowed it would be mine when it finally arrived in stock. But when it did, I was perplexed. Aside from the fact that in person, the fabric is lacklustre in texture at best and cheap-feeling at worst, what's with the split sleeves? On an autumn/winter dress? Sure, one with cutout panels across the torso, but...I'm mystified. Is it reverse-discrimination against people with decent-sized forearms? (Something I often find is the tighest issue with Topshop dresses.) Is it a fondness for Kate Bush-style flailing and a desire to add dramatic effect? Is it just helpful ventilation? 

I still can't work it out. But it fits so well, looks so good on and looks so nice in photographs, it can stay. And I can always sew the sleeves up. 

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