Vintage Gems and Tricky Shades

(Coat and shirt: Zara; Dress and boots: Topshop; Belt: from Primark top; Bag: vintage; Watch: Michael Kors)

This shade of denim was everywhere over the summer but it's actually harder than it looks to match up with other denims on the spectrum. It sits neatly in that difficult bracket between smart and casual, which makes it perfect for this time of year when that definition was pretty much made. It looks, I think, especially good with brown. 

Speaking of brown, I'll gush about it more over coming posts but can we just admire this bag for a bit? I saw it in a vintage shop on the weekend (for a part of town with no major shops Crystal Palace still finds ways to tempt my spendaholic self), picked it up, put it down and went and thought about it...then came back just before the shop closed. The well-versed saleswoman did her best 'everyone was picking that one up, you're lucky it didn't go' line, but by that point it was already coming home with me. And it adds a lovely ladylike contrast to my wardrobe. A diamond buy indeed!

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