Pop Art Suede

(Coat and skirt: ASOS; Top and boots: Topshop; Bag: Moss in Camden Passage; Watch: Michael Kors; Ring: Tessa Metcalfe)

Oh how I've longed for this skirt. From the first tantalising glimpse in an advertorial in the August ELLE, it was love at first sight. But, as often happens, the first impression is misleading. In fact, a skirt that photographed burgundy actually turned out to be...brown. A very nice brown, but resolutely brown. Not even russet. 

Reader, I bought it anyway. Ill-advised perhaps - a side-split pencil skirt generally only works if you've got waif-like proportions and I did wear a short slip underneath for the sake of modesty. But otherwise, happy customer here. Plus the white panel is actually a POCKET. 

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