A Year In Looks - Best of 2015

Looking back over my vast wardrobe accumulated over the course of the year, through a flat move/purchase, the discovery of the true delight/horror of owning a credit card (sorry Mum; it's fine, I'm not in Becky Bloomwood straits) and the discovery of a whole new series of awesome stylish ladies to read the blogs of/prowl the Instagram feeds of, it's been an exciting sartorial ride. There have been quite clear trends emerging. There have been misfires and missteps but there have been a whole new raft of awesome (I think) looks. So I thought (partly to fill the void at the start of the new year) I'd take a look back over my style this year, pick out the trends and see where I might go next...

Season of leopard-prints and mellow fruitfulness...only if we're talking berry shades you understand; I got quite firmly into deep burgundy red especially when juxtaposed with blue. Burgundy and baby blue became my first magic colour combo of the year, along with leopard print and pretty much anything with the acquisition of the Shrimps jacket of dreams and the Baia bag of dreams. Jackets were quite clearly a thing as were coats (given how chilly January and February were, giving me hope for a frosty start to 2016 and some repeat coat action) - I discovered the delights of Boohoo (and expanded my Helen Moore collection) and got quite into fringing, a love which would live well into the year. 

Red! Red burst onto the scene to liven things up, along with a liberal splash of pink at the collar where appropriate and on the feet when I wasn't walking too far. Along with the divine red and pink (or burgundy and pink at a pinch) combo, flat shoes and lace-up shoes were everywhere on the high street and my heels-averse self was gleeful about this for sure. I was also gleeful that I could continue to get away with small shoulder bags combined with items with big pockets; this ASOS pinafore dress is probably my star buy of the year and I can't wait to bring it out again when it gets warm enough. I'm a believer in the warmer the weather, the paler the denim, so I should probably get it out now! This was also the season I decided slicking back my hair was THE thing to do and again, I'm looking forward to getting back into that. 

The red thing showed no signs of abating but this time it got a splash of mustard as the world heated up, along with a good dose of delicious prints and some more denim. The '70s thing moved away from heavy fringing to A-line skirts and Bardot blouses (this outfit causing a fantastically awkward pseudo-wardrobe malfunction on a work conference call) with lashings of suncream for the hottest July day on record. There were also sandals a-plenty (though getting those bastard laces on those Mango gladiator sandals to stay up is officially impossible unless you use superglue) as the trend for 'sensible' footwear continued. I also remember this being the time I desperately began to acquire brown accessories (belts and shoes mostly) after noticing a lack in my wardrobe...

Suits! Suits everywhere! I had coincidentally got into Suits the TV show so decided to take it literally and do a supposedly more grown-up approach to work dressing, though, given that it's me, never quite entirely. There were also yet more delicious prints (and that's before we even cover this 'winter' with my full blown obsession with stripey jumpers) and patterns alongside a whole lotta brown and a whole lotta suede. I think I went from owning one suede item to owning...more than one. Coats, bags and dresses, it's dominating my accessories department here and it's making a steady advance on my wardrobe as we end the year. 

So...what have I learned from my sartorial adventures this year? (Aside from how I should probably be smarter with money and buy fewer clothes/pay more bills?)
1) Blondes don't necessarily have more fun, but they do enjoy wearing brown a lot
2) You can never have too many striped jumpers
3) Or suede bags
4) Or pinafore dresses
5) You will never find the perfect white shirt that will stay crisp and white despite your fondness for lunch-time gym trips without removing your makeup/London heat/London dirt/chocolate, so just try to find a cheap one that you don't mind replacing when it gets wrecked. New Look sorted me out a treat for that
6) You will always have to turn up flared trousers
7) It really needs to get colder to justify all the faux-fur I now own
8) I can't decide if I need to look more cheerful in photos or if I should just retain this super-strong RBF I've maintained as my default face

Happy 2016!

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