Steel (Ma)Donna

(Top: Dorothy Perkins; Trousers and coat: Zara; Shoes: Topshop; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company; Watch: Michael Kors)

It was International Women's Day yesterday (or today as I'm writing this) and this was inspired by one of the many inspiring women committed to celluloid - Donna from Halt And Catch Fire. Like a grittier, more satisfying and slightly speedier (it's got more RAM) Mad Men, with added tech geekery, a hotter guy (I suggest you Google 'Lee Pace sledgehammer gif' and see what I mean) and women just as cool as Peggy and Joan. Spiky, punky genius coder Cameron is the natural fit for my admiration, but it's Donna - the calm, steely, gentile and measured wife of (total douche IMO) engineer Gordon, she makes her daughters dinner while also being able to fix their toys. She's a similarly talented engineer (saving Gordon, Joe and Cameron on multiple occasions) while being infuriatingly humble. She's a tower of strength with a knowing smile and excellent hair. I love her. I am so excited to get into Season Two. So here's an 80s-inspired ladylike steely Donna look. 

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