That Was The Week That Was Part 2 - Go Print Or Go Home

Well HELLO there! And welcome to what can quite easily be classed as a print explosion!

Oh no. I wasn't done.
So it's been a bit of a print-fest around there of late. Take a look at some of the best bits...

(Dress: Monki; Trainers: Adidas; Bag: Alexander Wang; Watch: Michael Kors)

Right, ok, so I clearly caved on this dress that SO many bloggers have posted pictures in. I actually - sneakily - broke my Lenten shopping fast for it (Lent was LONG ok) after I got sick of all the pics and needed in. And I was not disappointed. It is pure Man Repeller - a shapeless sack of a dress that's covered in a deeply weird print of disinterested-looking girls. But despite this, naturally, I bloody love it. It gives one such attitude, it is SO comfortable (as you might expect) and it's definitely a head turner. 

(Jacket: Topshop; Top: Monki; Skirt: ASOS; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company; Trainers: Adidas; Watch: Michael Kors; Jewellery: Bendels)

A similarly OTT print but a slightly more traditional shape and style (and with POCKETS), I adore this skirt. I do wish that the high-waist waistband was a teeny bit looser (it doesn't go well with large lunches or dinners) but it helps nail the Gucci girl eccentricity AND normcore 90s in one, so how can I complain too much?

(Top and trousers: Zara; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company; Boots: Topshop; Watch: Michael Kors; Jewellery: Thomas Sabo)

A double whammy of Zara prints - this top is a very strange one in that you kind of wish they'd not wimped out and had thrown a red print (lips, sunglasses, just something) in there as well. But it'll look great with jeans and of course my trusty red skirt...

(Gilet: ASOS; Top: Urban Outfitters; Dress: Warehouse; Shoes: Zara; Bag: Alexander Wang; Watch: Michael Kors)

It me - the queen of subtlety! It was April Fool's Day so I got into the spirit and dressed...like a fool? Would anyone sensible wear star print and two types of stripes? Whatever the answer is, I don't need to know. I just knew I was in a VERY good (outfit) mood as a result. 

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