That Was The Week That Was: Spring In The City

It's still too cold to be able to wear jackets without coats but hey I will KEEP. TRYING. DAMNIT. Even if I look ridiculous/like a robot wearing a very tight coat over a denim jacket I have a tonne of the damn things and I'm gonna wear them!

(Jacket, bag and shoes: Zara; Top: Topshop; Trousers: ASOS; Collar pins: Black Heart Creatives)

I watched the episode of Girls where Shoshanna goes to Japan and came over all adorable like with my little collar pins and my bomber jacket and my much-loved pointy shoes. This bomber is reversible with a nice deep maroon lining so will look great layered over my maroon suede dress in a bit...

(Jacket, shirt and trousers: Topshop; Shoes: Zara; Bag: The Cambridge Satchel Company; Collar pins and brooch: Black Heart Creatives; Ring: Tessa Metcalfe; Watch: Michael Kors)

How I wish the trousers that came with this jacket were decent enough...I'm working up to it, bear with me. But for now I love salmon pink and this deeper light blue bag and grey generally, so yet another smart trouser and fancy jacket combo!

Jumper and skirt: Topshop; Belt: old; Bag: The Cambridge Satchel Company; Trainers: Adidas; Watch: Michael Kors; Necklace: Bendels; Ring: Thomas Sabo)

And finally back to the old classic - a stripey jumper and my red skirt. I've wanted this jumper for a good while but could never justify it, so when I found it for a tenner in the Topshop sale it came home with me. I got told I look very 'patriotic' by both an American and a Brit, so...good I guess? 

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