Couple of Skirts

Just a couple of floaty A-line pleated skirts, which I'm addicted to and - where Topshop nailed them in winter - ASOS is nailing right now. 

(Top: Gap; Belt: part of Ted Baker dress; Skirt: ASOS; Bag: Alexander Wang; Trainers: Zara; Jacket: old; Necklace: Black Heart Creatives; Watch: Michael Kors)

(Top: Topshop; Belt: old; Skirt: ASOS; Bag: Alexander Wang; Trainers: Zara; Watch: Michael Kors; Ring: Tessa Metcalfe)


The Greatest Jacket Ever


(Jacket: Topshop; Top: Zara; Trousers: Cos; Shoes: M&S; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company; Watch: Michael Kors; Jewellery: Bendel's)

Yep, it truly is. I've been holding out on it for ages, buying more reasonably-priced substitutes before realising that I could resist no longer. It needed to come home with me. 

 (Jacket: as before: Top and belt: Topshop; Jeans: ASOS; Sandals: Office; Bag: as before; Watch: Michael Kors; Jewellery: John Lewis)

Like much of the current crop of bomber jackets it's reversible - the back on the other side is black and sports a ferocious embroidered tiger - but the blue side is what sold it to me. I wore it for three days straight and I'm expecting next week to serve up the same. 


Summer Dress Dreams

Ahhhhh summertime. When dressing becomes easier as the statement dresses start to emerge on the high street. Case in point - these two. Both spotted via fashion magazines, both sold out in my size constantly, both requiring a lightning-quick pounce to get my hands on and both totally worth it. 

(Dress: Warehouse; Top: Topshop; Trainers: Zara; Belt: old; Watch: Michael Kors; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company) 

This Warehouse dress popped up in a Style shoot and has apparently also made the Telegraph. I foolishly waited on it and then discovered it was out in my size, but after a few fruitless shop visits and then a few page refreshes the fashion gods smiled upon me. I got it a size bigger than I normally would - sizing pencil cuts is always risky - so it's a bit loose at the top but as a result it's easy to fit things underneath it. With a stripey polo shirt in autumn, for example. Or with nothing on a hot day...

(Dress, belt, watch and bag: as before; Trainers: Nike)

As I was saying. 

(Dress: ASOS: Trainers: Zara; Belt: old; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company; Watch: Michael Kors; Jewellery: Thomas Sabo)

Another one I had to wait for - appeared on one of ELLE's street-style pages a few months ago and it's remained resolutely in stock for months then snuck out in my size when I actually wanted to buy it! But patience was on my side and eventually it was mine! Shout-out to the side splits which make it easier to walk and keep one ventilated in the heatwaves. 


Pinks and Reds

In my world of unlikely colour pairings, this one has had my heart for quite some time. It was the toast of last summer and it doesn't look set to go away for spring this year...

(Top and skirt: Topshop; Trainers: Zara; Bag: Alexander Wang; Watch: Michael Kors; Belt: old)
As adverse I am normally to the idea of pale bottoms and darker tops, I just ADORE this pairing. Apparently it looks very sports-luxe with the slightly shiny skirt fabric and the less-than-pristine-now white trainers, plus of course the Wang, which I'll take!

(Suit: ASOS; Top: Monki; Coat: Zara; Trainers: Adidas; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company)
From a few weeks ago but can sneak in here...while these trousers need a little bit of adjustment I love the shade too much. Plus with the powdery peachy pink of the coat and the soft pastel blue of the bag it feels like I fell into a Laduree. 

(Top and shoes: Zara; Culottes: Topshop; Belt: old; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company; Watch: Michael Kors)
Now there's a pair of amazingly flared palazzo pants in Topshop right now. Or there were, until the whole world found out about them. Now they're only available in a few sizes (including mine...must...resist) online and these - with their elasticated high waist, easy fit and the very on-trend crinkled fabric - are the in-store alternative. The only issue is they are VIRTUALLY SEE-THROUGH. Would it kill Topshop to line things...

(Suit and trainers: Zara; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company)
And then back to Old Faithful - the suit of last summer! Some very GOOD red trousers that - like most things - I regret not buying twice. 


Mustard Suede

(Dress: ASOS; Top: Zara; Shoes: Topshop; Bag: Alexander Wang; Necklace: Wolf and Moon; Watch: Michael Kors; Belt: old)

This one deserves its own post...I LOVE this mustard-gold colour. It's getting too warm for my arsenal of striped jumpers so this one might have to hang up in my wardrobe for a while. But it was a good pairing while it lasted!


How You Do Stripes

That's right - they really are! And where one stripe is good, two can often be better...

(Dress - Topshop; Bag: Alexander Wang; Shoes: Zara; Belt: old; Collar pins: Black Heart Creatives)

Now this dress only really needs one stripe, because it's statement enough by itself. Bless my mum for obligingly tracking it down in a Bristol branch of Topshop when (after it was featured in both ELLE and The Sunday Times Style) it sold out in London and online. Dressing like a deckchair never looked so chic. 

(Dress: Warehouse; Shirt: Dorothy Perkins; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company; Shoes: Zara; Belt: old; Necklace: Black Heart Creatives; Watch: Michael Kors)

Sometimes, however, you decide that one stripe isn't enough and add some patches. I love a floaty light shirt with sleeves perfect for rolling up and getting stuck in...inevitably to a sale rail or work. 

(Top and skirt: Topshop; Belt: old; Bag: Alexander Wang; Trainers: Adidas)

And then sometimes, you just need to go big and bold with your stripes. It doesn't get bigger or bolder than this knitted, fitted pencil skirt in pink, deep blue and black. I grabbed it on a whim in the sale and am quite frankly furious it took me so long to do so.