Pinks and Reds

In my world of unlikely colour pairings, this one has had my heart for quite some time. It was the toast of last summer and it doesn't look set to go away for spring this year...

(Top and skirt: Topshop; Trainers: Zara; Bag: Alexander Wang; Watch: Michael Kors; Belt: old)
As adverse I am normally to the idea of pale bottoms and darker tops, I just ADORE this pairing. Apparently it looks very sports-luxe with the slightly shiny skirt fabric and the less-than-pristine-now white trainers, plus of course the Wang, which I'll take!

(Suit: ASOS; Top: Monki; Coat: Zara; Trainers: Adidas; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company)
From a few weeks ago but can sneak in here...while these trousers need a little bit of adjustment I love the shade too much. Plus with the powdery peachy pink of the coat and the soft pastel blue of the bag it feels like I fell into a Laduree. 

(Top and shoes: Zara; Culottes: Topshop; Belt: old; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company; Watch: Michael Kors)
Now there's a pair of amazingly flared palazzo pants in Topshop right now. Or there were, until the whole world found out about them. Now they're only available in a few sizes (including mine...must...resist) online and these - with their elasticated high waist, easy fit and the very on-trend crinkled fabric - are the in-store alternative. The only issue is they are VIRTUALLY SEE-THROUGH. Would it kill Topshop to line things...

(Suit and trainers: Zara; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company)
And then back to Old Faithful - the suit of last summer! Some very GOOD red trousers that - like most things - I regret not buying twice. 

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