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Hello everyone!

I'll likely be keeping all my outfit stuff on Instagram from now on - head there to see what I've been wearing. It's still ace, let me tell you.



Some Good Dresses

(Dress: Finery; Earrings: H&M; Sandals: Dune)

(Dress: ASOS; Shirt: Sainsburys; Sandals: Topshop; Earrings: as before)


The Slogan T-Shirt Megamix

(T-shirt: Topshop; Skirt: H&M; Sandals: Dorothy Perkins)

(Jacket: M&S; T-shirt and trousers: Topshop; Shoes and cardigan: New Look; Earrings: H&M)

(T-shirt: as before; Jacket: Topshop; Earrings: as before; Skirt: New Look; Sandals: ASOS)

(Blazer: as before; T-shirt: New Look; Skirt: H&M; Sandals: Topshop)

(T-shirt and earrings: H&M; Skirt: as before; Sandals: as before)


Carmen Miranda

When it's grey as heck outside so you gotta jazz things up.

(Top and trousers: Zara; Shoes: M&S)


Date Night

It wasn't. But it sure should have been. 

(Top and skirt: Finery; Shoes: Topshop; Brooch: Prada)


Stripes and Checks

A couple of great dresses in a couple of out-there looks. 

(Dress: Warehouse; Shirt: ASOS; Shoes: Zara; Brooch: Prada)

(Dress: Topshop; Shoes: London Rebel)


Gingham Bralet

Two ways I wore this back when it was chilly/season-appropriate for velvet and wool layers. 

(Coat and trousers: Zara; Bralet: ASOS; Shirt: American Apparel; Shoes: Topshop; Bag: Alexander Wang)

(Jacket: Wallis; Bralet and trousers: ASOS; Trousers: ASOS; Shoes: Zara)



And now just some super colour clashing outfits. I'm into this concept for the new season.

(Jacket: ASOS; Jumper: Zara; Belt: from Ted Baker dress; Trousers; Topshop; Shoes: Zara)

(Top: Topshop; Trousers: Zara; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Trainers: New Balance)

(Blazer: H&M; Shirt: Zara; Skirt: Topshop; Shoes: Office)



Just a trio of excellent dresses.

(Dress: Finery; Blazer: H&M; Shoes: Office)

(Dress: Joanie; Blazer: as before; Shoes: Clarks)

(Dress: Finery; Shoes: London Rebel)



(Dress: Rixo London; Trousers: ASOS; Shoes: New Look; Coat: Zara; Scarf: Helen Moore; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs)



(Shirt and trousers: ASOS; Shoes: New Look; Necklace: Oliver Bonas)


Gucci Clash

(Jumper: Backstage in Crystal Palace; Dress: Topshop; Shoes: ASOS)

(Jumper: as before; Trousers: ASOS)


Pink Ruffles

(Shirt: Zara; Trousers: ASOS; Shoes: M&S)


Checks and Balances

(Dress: Finery; Jumper: Zara; Brooch: Prada; Shoes: London Rebel)



Really enjoying that embroidery and appliqu├ęd patches were big last season, set to be big this season and will stay so into next autumn too.

(Shirt: Sainsburys; Skirt and coat: Zara; Shoes: Office; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs)



Pink and red isn't just for that day in the calendar. And blue and red isn't for shrinking violets but is very much a do. 

(Top: Finery; Trousers: Topshop; Shoes: M&S; Brooch: Prada; Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company)

(Jacket: Topshop; Jumper: Zara; Trousers: ASOS; Shoes: New Look; Brooch: Prada; Necklace: Dinny Hall)


Fringe Variants

As fun as this two-piece set is together (especially for dance moves) it works just as well split across two outfits. 

(Top: ASOS; Trousers: Very; Coat: old; Scarf: Helen Moore; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Necklaces: Dinny Hall and Maje; Trainers: Topshop)

(Skirt: ASOS; Jacket: Primark; Jumper: Gap; Belt: old; Necklace: Dinny Hall; Shoes: M&S)


Statement Jacket

(Jacket and skirt: ASOS; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Shoes: Office; Scarf: Helen Moore)

Just the ultimate statement leather jacket. 


Table Cloth

A quick moment of appreciation for Finery for continuing to make weird and wonderful yet highly chic and stylish interesting clothes for realistic prices. 

(Dress: Finery; Shoes: Office)


Pink Sequins

(Skirt: H&M; Top and coat: Zara; Shoes: Office; Belt: old; Scarf: Helen Moore; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs)



A blue suit for the anniversary of Bowie's death. RIP, again, your hero. 

(Suit: ASOS; Top and trainers: Topshop; Necklace: LittleSmith)


Checks and Flowers

(Coat and skirt: Zara; Jumper and belt: old; Shoes: Office)


Velvet Suit

(Blazer: Wallis; Trousers: ASOS; Top and necklace: Topshop; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs)


Gold and Velvet

Carrying the luxe thing usually associated with Christmastime over into 2017/January because God knows we need it. 

(Skirt: Boohoo; Blazer: Wallis; Top: Dorothy Perkins; Necklace: Guess; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Shoes: Office)

(Dress: Urban Outfitters; Top: New Look; Shoes: Office)


My Uniforn

(Coat: old; Scarf: Helen Moore; Jacket: Wallis; Skirt: ASOS; Shirt: New Look; Shoes: London Rebel; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Necklace: Guess)

If either I die while still young enough to still look like this or ever have a film of my life made in which I am a sassy lady detective type who solves crimes, I wish to be remembered/immortalised in this outfit.