I am RedHead, and this is my blog. It's a mixture of style diary, inspiration feed and platform for my random musings, which I do a lot of.

The blog was born in June 2009 when I finished university and needed an outlet for my inner student fashion and beauty journalist. Since then, my dreams, aims and goals have changed and my love of writing and interests have evolved to reflect that. This blog is a reflection of me and my evolution, so the content is a random mix. I try to keep it regular, but sometimes life gets in the way and the ideas won't flow. Rather typical for creatives.

You'll find stuff here you like, stuff you hate, stuff you think is pointless and, with luck, stuff that inspires you. If not, maybe I'm not for you. But hey, I didn't force you to come here. Relax. Look back at my previous style choices. Read my past musings on what it means to have short hair, be pale, be female, be young. Compare yours and my music tastes and favourite films. Peruse my favourite designers. Read some blogs I admire.  Find something you like. Welcome.

Also, as this continues to evolve more into a record of what I wear rather than an outlet for my writing, I have been known to write a short story or two. If you fancy reading those, check out: